• Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump

    The Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is Evenflo’s premier frequent-use pump. It is ideal for home, on-the-go or when going back to work. This Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump delivers premium features and benefits like 32 settings, three assorted flange sizes and a hygienic, closed-pumping system. Also, when you purchase our Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump, Evenflo includes access to two practical and proven breastfeeding educational programs! Developed breastfeeding expert Shari Criso,(MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC), Simply Breastfeeding and Breast Pumps & Briefcases have helped thonds of moms successfully breastfeed and continue breastfeeding while returning to work.Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump:The Evenflo Electric Breast Pump includes:2 breast pump unitsTwo 30.5mm flange kitsTwo 24.5mm soft flange insertsTwo 28mm soft flange insertsTwo 5 oz milk storage bottlesDrawstring bagBreastfeeding guide cardInstructions to access Simply Breastfeeding and Breast Pump & Briefcase programsAC adapter2 extra valves and membranesInstructions for useDual control for both speed and suction provides 32 settings to find your perfect pumping settingExpertly designed for slouch-free pumping comfortSuper soft, silicone flange inserts for gentle contactThe Evenflo Electric Breast Pump design prevents milk backupPlug in or battery poweredThe Evenflo Breast Pump easily converts to single pump useParts in contact with milk are made without BPAEvenflo Breast Pump Model# 5161111 Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Elvie Pump- Double Electric Breast Pump

    The Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump is a silent, wearable breast pump that can be connected to a free app for additional features. Completely redesigned for modern lives, Elvie fits in your bra and your life, making it possible to pump on your own terms while you go about your daily routine.

    Elvie Pump is the world’s first silent breast pump! Revolutionary technology erases any noise so you can pump in peace
    The free app allows you to track your pumping history, monitor your milk volume and control the pump remotely.
    Available from Apple App Store and Google Play store, Elvie Pump is compatible with iPhone 5S and later (iOS10+) and Android 6 and newer versions that support Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy (excluding Huawei phones)
    Convert into a double pump by purchasing two and link both to the same app
    What’s in the box?

    1 Electric Breast Pump
    2 Bottles (150ml)
    2 Storage Lids
    1 Breast Shield (24mm)
    1 Breast Shield (28mm)
    2 Valves
    2 Spouts
    2 Seals
    2 Bra Adjusters
    1 USB Charging Cable
    1 Carry Bag

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