• Bottle Brush for kids

    Give your baby high quality and guaranteed safety with Xibei. From feeding gear to baby accessories, they have it all. Now, with the Xibei Anti-Bacterial Bottle Brush you can keep all your feeding gear clean and pristine.

    Maintaining a certain level of hygiene for babies and their accessories is of vital importance to ensure their healthy growth and development. The bottles used for feeding the baby need to be kept clean and sterilized to avoid contamination due to harmful bacteria and fungi.

    The Xibei Bottle and Nipple Brush will help you keep your baby’s feeding bottles clean so that you can use them as and when you require them. This Brush from Xibei is equipped with a Revolving Handle, making it convenient to twist the brush while cleaning the bottle. The Nipple and Cleaning Brush are attached along with this Xibei Bottle Brush. Compatible with all baby bottles, this Xibei Bottle and Nipple Brush are also suitable for cleaning household items.

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