• Omaness All Natural Shea Butter

    Made from a century old recipe that has been passed down through the generations, Omaness All Natural Black Soap
    is sourced from local artisan women from the south-western part of Nigeria. Known for its gentle, deep cleansing
    abilities. It is basically made from cocoa pod ash, shea butter and / or palm kernel oil.
    This Black Soap Granules is crumbly and comes in a light to medium brown color. It is plain which allows you to create
    your own recipe with natural oils, herbs and scent to feed your skin exactly what it needs.

  • Omaness All Natural Coconut Oil.

    Omaness All Natural Coconut Oil is extracted from coconut that has been ethically sourced from farmers in Nigeria.
    The resultant oil is the highest quality coconut oil that can be obtained.
    Coconut Oil contains a good amount of Vitamin E.
    Omaness All Natural Coconut Oil is arguably the best oil that can be used for the hair as it is penetrates right to the
    cortex in the hair shaft. It reduces hair protein loss when used regularly and maintains undamaged hair. Where hair is
    damaged, it strengthens it and keeps it from further damage.
    For best results, use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and again as a post-shampoo treatment.
    Frequent use of Omaness All Natural Coconut Oil helps delay the occurrence of wrinkles, fights stretch marks,
    blemishes, keeps skin supple and smooth. It absorbs easily and smells amazing
    It is also an excellent and safe moisturizer for baby’s delicate skin

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